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Cenorin Washer-Pasteurizer/High Level Disinfectors

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Consumables for Washer-Pasteurizer/High Level Disinfectors

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Clean 505 Cleaning Solution

Part No: 020615-00; Case 4 x 1 gallon

Printer Paper and Ribbon

Part No: 082605-00; Ribbon - Pack of 3
Part No: 030860-00; Paper Rolls - Pack of 6

Mesh Bags

Part No: 020601-00; Extra Large, 18"x24"
Part No: 020600-00; Large, 15"x20"
Part No: 020605-00; Small, 8"x10"

CaviCide, Disinfectant/
Decontaminant Cleaner

Part No: 020590-00; Single 24-oz spray bottle
Part No: 020590-01; Case of 12-24oz spray bottles

Preventive Maintenance Kit

Part No: 082390-01

Cotton Tipped Applicators

Part No: 020591-00