Welcome to CENORIN, we strive to meet your reprocessing needs.

Cenorin is a healthcare partner offering solutions for infection control management and waste stream reduction. Since the mid 1970s, healthcare facilities have appreciated the quality, service, and functionality of Cenorin products. We are a team of professionals, versed in the realities of the high-pressure, cost-conscious healthcare environment, dedicated to creating and implementing effective, value-driven solutions. Cenorin products address issues of infection control, patient comfort, healthcare worker safety, and socially conscious waste management. Our products play a vital role in providing quality care. Our corporate values of Integrity, Respect, Innovation, Service, Stewardship, Performance, and Collaboration guide all our actions with our customers and our staff. Our product design and development process reflect our commitment to human safety, device innovation, purchase value, and performance assurance. Our approach is holistic. We are a team that gets to know your organization, making sure you select the proper product or system configuration for your needs. We'll work closely with you to make sure your staff makes the best use of your product choice. We are a committed team member, assuring you get lasting value from your investment over the expected life of the product. To learn more, please contact us.

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