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"In our previous washer/high level disinfection system, we had to pre-wash every device, even though that company said it wouldn't be necessary. The HLD Systems unit is so much more efficient. There's no more pre-washing; we just select the cycle we want, push the button and walk away. And their customer service is A-1: ease in contacting, quick response, friendly and supportive."

Manager of Central Sterile Processing:
Large trauma center and
premier teaching facility

"I've used washer/ high level disinfection systems' from both vendors over the years, and I'll tell you, I'll never switch back after using HLD Systems equipment. The quality of the equipment and the service can't be matched. I'm planning to purchase both of their product lines again when we open the new facility."

Director of Respiratory Care:
Large non-profit level 1 trauma center

"The ease of operating and maintaining this system was a real surprise. I was expecting to have the company's technicians come in, disrupt the activities of the department on a regular basis, spread all the disassembled components across the floor, be there for hours like the other unit we used to have. This is so much easier and faster. It takes just a matter of minutes to conduct preventive maintenance on this system, at a fraction of the cost and without any of the hassle."

Manager of Clinical Engineering:
Large trauma center and acute care facility

"I was seriously considering buying a new pasteurizer from the company that manufactured the old system I inherited when I came to work here. And then I learned about HLD Systems. Their high level disinfection system is far more automated, which saves us a lot of time. Their capacity is greater; I can reprocess devices in this unit that were too big for the older one. And I love their integrated documentation recorder; it was an additional expense of the last unit that their recorder had to be separately wired. HLD Systems designed a smart, intuitive, easy-to-use system that's simply better. And their customer service is unmatched."

Manager of Central Services:
Community hospital