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Model 610

The Model 610 is our next generation high level disinfection system and is engineered to out-perform all other HLD washer/high level disinfectors on the market. If you want an efficient, intelligent, and multi-purpose HLD system for your department, look no further than the 610.

The advanced technology behind our Model 610 is designed in such a way that prevents any unsafe or incomplete wash/high level disinfection cycles. We've made the cycles labor free, including the automatic injection of cleaning solution at precisely the right moment and at the exact volume needed. The lid automatically locks when any cycle is engaged, preventing process disruption and keeping staff safe from access to hot water. The lid is also fully insulated, preventing heat loss while keeping staff safe from hot surfaces. Complete high level disinfection is now 'certifiable' because the user cannot interrupt a cycle without first aborting that cycle and starting over. True process and quality control is now available in a washer/HLD product.

The Model 610's user interface is easy and intuitive. Cenorin has established a new standard for quality management and system ingenuity. For your quality assurance needs, critical outputs are recorded into the Model 610's software system and are printed out in hard copy so you maintain compliance with JCAHO and Government regulatory standards. Even service alerts and automated reminders to add cleaning solution are documented for you. The Model 610 is an intelligent partner for reprocessing your multi-use devices.

The working chamber has been redesigned with multi-purpose trays with built in compartment dividers. These redesigned trays make loading and transporting your devices much easier. As few as two or as many as four can be used and provide greater flexibility for load size. The top tray assures total submersion of all devices for complete pasteurization.

The tank is fully insulated, minimizing heat loss.

All reprocessing systems need regular cleaning to assure dependability and safe use. The Model 610 partially automates this procedure with the new 'system clean' cycle. The message screen will remind you to conduct preventive maintenance and even tell you what supplies to order. This is an added benefit and time saver for you and your staff. Your department is given the extra assurance that your pasteurizer will be safe to reprocess your medical devices, and its automated process helps you and your staff increase productivity.

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Model 610 Unique Features and Benefits


Model 610 Features


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