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130 Series

The 130 Series dryers have an interior volume of 20 cubic feet and can be configured with a variety of shelving, tube, and bottle rack options to meet your device drying needs.

The 130 Series consists of two models:

The Model 135 has a solid back The Model 136 has two doors for pass-through efficiency.

The control panel provides you with the option of selecting your preferred drying cycle, which is then regulated and maintained by the microprocessor for the length of cycle you select.  This benefit is very cost effective and will help you maximize the life of your medical devices. You can program the cycle to an exact number of hours and minutes, or select the continuous dry mode. The system will display an alert when the filter needs to be changed in those units configured with HEPA filter systems.  This feature was designed to maximize the efficiency of the drying cabinet.

Shelves can be installed at heights that minimize bending and lifting, resulting in less ergonomic stress for the user. This series can hold up to 10 half-width shelves, up to 9 full-width shelves, or a combination of both. Tested to bear 40 pounds each (full-width shelves bear 80 pounds); the dryer is built to last and is designed to grow with your needs. Our courteous and professional sales staff will work with you to determine the best configuration for your needs.

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130 Series Brochure


Preventive Maintenance Schedule

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